Chairman’s report 2017

Chairmans report

Since the last AGM, the committee has continued to maintain the village hall and arrange social events.

As you can see from the latest statement the financial position is sound although we are now showing a small deficit of approx. £158.54 on the year due to a further £5K reserve for premises expenditure that has been created for the coming year.

Premises expenses were actually £9071.00 for 2016/17. The figure shown on the accounts (£3071.00) is net of the £6000.00 reserve set up last year.

Regular users continue to be the Pre-School Playgroup, Young Farmers, the Bowls team and the Whist Drive. Hirings for family functions continue at a healthy level, with the hall being a popular venue for people resident both within and outside Hardwick. All of this usage means we continue to fulfil our role in making the hall available to people in line with the John Bridle tradition.

Expenditure for running and maintaining the hall appears to have decreased nearly £2000.00 this year but the reserve for premises has been reduced to £5K for 2017/18.  With one or two exceptions, the expenditure in other areas is very similar to the previous year.

The window refurbishment project is continuing with the small room now completed.  We are continuing to refurbish the other windows which involves stripping the paint, repairing the stone and then re-painting the frames.  We are continuing to use this refurbishment work as a focal point for the majority of our fundraising efforts.

On the events front there is nothing major to report. We recently held a legendary ‘Farmer Bob’ quiz, we had the annual Horticultural Show and a successful New Year’s party. In addition, this year, a Roving Supper was arranged and this proved very popular raising a respectable £410.00.  All of these raised monies to supplement our regular income from the 50/50 club.

A big ‘earner’ again this year was from the excellent Pantomime, which matched the previous year with £675.00!  Once again, we are indebted to Farmer Bob and all of the other Thespians for all of the tremendously hard work they put in to this annual event.

We also raised money for various charities including the Florence Nightingale Hospice which benefitted from the Open Gardens event which couldn’t happen without all who open up their gardens – so thanks to all of those people that opened their gardens up. Also we had our annual Remembrance Day Brunch for funds for the British Legion in November.

NONE of this, however, could not have been achieved without the hard work of the members of the committee and regular volunteers and I would like to extend my personal thanks to all of you!

I would like to express particular thanks to those of you that continue to throw yourselves headlong into any catering requirements, Linda Driscoll for her balancing of the books, Garth Bickerton for his auditing prowess and Amanda Tofield for her management of the hall booking arrangements and communications.

Doesn’t time fly, this is already my 3rd year as HVCA Chair and I have continued to enjoy it but, as I have already said, there is no way I could have survived without my fellow committee members lending their support and encouragement.

As I say, I have continued to enjoy the role but due to work commitments and personal interests I have found that I have not been able to fulfil my responsibilities and have decided to step down and hand the reigns to a new Chairman.

Thank you again for your support.

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