Hardwick Golf Day – 14th July 2013

So….on the hottest day of the year, the only person who could match the weather with red hot iron play was our Village Chairman…..Brian Hogarth.  No matter what the ‘Iraqi Desert’ style course or the relentless heat threw at Brian…..he was there….not a bead of sweat to be seen.  Even his shirt, taken straight from the set of Magnum PI, was not as dazzling as his stroke play.  Shirt……something a ‘golfer’ seen leaving the 18th could have used instead of playing in a vest…..however, this was not enough to upset Hogarth.

Other highlights included:

– a terrific 21 points on the front nine from the home favourite, Kevin

– a good lesson in course management with yours truly playing safe on the first only to duff my second, then third shot into the ditch (thanks for the cheers of support by the way)

– and Bandito Dave not winning something

So, to the results:

Winner: Brian H 36 points

Runner Up: Morrisons Bob 33 points

Third: Young Jack Mitchell 33 points (lost on count back!)

4th: Kevin 33 points (poor back nine cost Kevin)

5th: Bandito Dave 31 points

6th: Paddy 30 points

7th: Big Dave 29 points (on 20 with three to play!)

8th: Andy 23 points

9th: John Lever 23 points

Let’s not feel too sorry for John Lever, making his second appearance on the tour.  He picked up £15 for winning nearest the pin AND the longest drive!

And remember…..we walked 5.11 miles and burned 1,035 calories!

Thanks again everyone who made it and we hope to welcome back others next time who have been busy watching The Ashes or turning 40 this weekend!  You know who you are…..

Next event.

Date: 25 Aug

Time: 3pm to meet

Venue: tbc

Usual rules please…..sooner you let me know, sooner I can get a good deal.

Thanks again all

Big Dave

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