Hardwick golf…the final.

Again, the weather was kind for the 13 finest golfers known to man and beast (well…..to Farmer Bob’s cows anyway!) at the closing Hardwick Open golf tournament in 2013…..or will it be…..?!

The venue for this event was the Three Locks GC…..a virginal location for some of the team.

After the initial lung breaking six holes the group settled down to notch up some quite respectable scores….well, nearly all of us anyway (sorry Kevin)?!

Anyway – straight to the results!

NTP – Jack ‘Eagle Eye’ Mitchell (followed up with a birdie.  Well done Jack – not for the first time I’m sure)

Longest Drive – John ‘skip the ball over the ditch’ Sanderson (ridiculous hole to choose Bob!)

In reverse order……..

13th – Kevin ‘Buggy’ Collins (18 points……yes….18)

12th – George ‘Grumpy Manager’ Main (26 points)

11th  – Andy ‘Bandito’ Bowen (27 points) – nearly 20 points fewer than his previous match with us!

10th – Farmer ‘subsidy’ Bob (27 points) – on count back (you’re clearly not playing enough golf Bob – speak to Sarah)

9th – Andy ‘Duck Aid Worker’ Broadbent (32 points)

8th – Jack ‘Snapchat’ Mitchell (33 points)

7th – Brian ‘Chair for the next year’ Hogarth (33 points) – on count back

6th – Paddy ‘playing far too much golf’ Mulhall (33 points) – on count back

5th – Dave ‘made to play off a ridiculous handicap, but nonetheless a magnificent performance’ Rose (35 points)

4th – James ‘Yorkshire Pudding’ Hague (35 points) on count back – git

3rd – Dave ‘should be on a lower handicap’ Howard (36 points)

2nd  – Jim ‘Digger’ Smith – 38 points

1st – John ‘Going to be cut next time’ Sanderson! (41 points) – well done John – some good golf played

So – the Smith family well and truly cleaned up this month, picking up three of the four prizes….clearly some sort of conspiracy going on?!?!?  (Jim – can you forward to John please)

On the plus side however, we were joined after the event back at our very own pub, The Bell by John Lever, Ant Mitchell and Emma Gregory – the latter was explaining something about an evening spent with a ‘Josh’ – who we believe for Bob’s benefit, is in fact a girl – all very confusing and spoken very quickly.  Clare at The Bell did really well and provided us with some very nice sausage sandwiches to replace all those calories we lost (1,128 for the record) and a welcoming warm fire to ensure our body temperatures didn’t fall below 40C.

So, that’s it for another year!  Thank you for putting up with me, chasing and haranguing you for money – it’s been fun playing and even more fun organising!!

We may, depending on the weather, plan to have post-Christmas / pre New Year jaunt somewhere.  Anyone interested?  I’ll await the mass replies!

Thanks all and well done all the winners over the last few months (and all the losers!).

See you soon…….Big Dave


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