Hardwick pantomime success – again.

John Bridle’s Hall was packed out on Sunday 27 January for two performances of “Jack and the Very Large beanstalk”. Let’s be honest, most village pantos are awful, only redeemed by the fact that at least you know everyone in the cast. We knew everyone in this one but the big difference was it was BRILLIANT !!

Farmer Bob’s production was packed with fun all the way from the good fairy’s introduction (Julia Beer) to the end when gormless Jack, (James Hague) fells the beanstalk with his big chopper! In between we had Swedish milkmaid (Rose Gregory) who specialised in a rub down with the Farmers Weekly, a talking cow with a wind problem (George Mitchell), two fairly dim henchmen, well one  (Ant Mitchell), not so dim and one, (John Rennison), very dim,  a giant’s servant (Dave Rose) twice the size of the grumpy giant (Paul Sullivan), a villainous Austrian Baron (Trefor) and a very evil and tricky,(yet strangely liltingly musical), tree (Isla St Clair). Finally there was the dame, Mumsie, (Bob Gregory) who had all the best jokes, understandable really,  seeing as he also wrote, produced, directed, choreographed and changed the light bulbs. The very able musical director was Derek who directed himself playing the music

Thin on plot but thick with jokes it was enjoyed by two full houses. I personally cannot remember  laughing quite so much, certainly more than at the panto at the Waterside theatre this year. All they had to offer was an ageing, overweight, “Strictly” contender poncing about the stage. We had Dave Rose!

For the first time this year we had two performances, one at 4pm for the children then at 7pm for the adult children. People came from as far afield as Weedon and Aylesbury and raised over £400 for Village Hall funds in the process.

Many thanks to Bob and Sarah and the cast for their hard work to make this possible.

I think you should try the week run next year (with matinees of course).


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