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This short history of Hardwick, John Bridle’s Village Hall and St Mary’s Church is the work of Peter Russell.

This short history of Hardwick, John Bridle’s Village Hall and St Mary’s Church is based on the work of Peter Russell.

This section of our website is dedicated to the memory of Peter, not only for the work he did to harness the Hardwick community spirit and sustain it within HVCA, but also his painstaking research and attention to detail in bringing together this information into one place. Peter’s original work is edited and updated with the addition of photographs he gathered and some later additions. When I discussed this work with Peter in 2011 he readily admitted that it was intended to be neither definitive nor complete, but a starting point. He felt strongly that history is just yesterday and I am sure there are many stories out there that residents of Hardwick can add. It may be something about a relative who lived in Hardwick, the property in which you live, or lived in the past. Photographs are priceless in this sort of presentation, if you have any of interest that you would like displayed here please let us know. In particular we would like to hear of any anecdotes you may have about any of the information or photographs featured.

A more complete version of the history of Hardwick is available on request from HVCA either for loan or purchase.

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Brian Hogarth
Chair Hardwick Village Community Association
January 2013

Peter Russell

Peter Russell

Peter came to Hardwick in August 1976 where he lived at Becketts Lower Road until his death aged 80 in August 2012. Shortly after coming to the village Peter joined a committee formed to arrange events to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, which was the birth of the Hardwick Village Community Association (HVCA). He was on the committee for some years, serving his stint as Chairman and setting up the 50/50 draw, which continues today as one of the main sources of income for HVCA. He was elected to the Parish Council where he served for some time as Councillor and Chairman. Peter also established the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in the village and his untiring efforts resulted in the car park off the small green.  Peter loved Hardwick, considered it a privilege to live here and was very active in the protection of it’s well being.