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The public House was known as “The Bell” until it was changed relatively recently, when a new tenant decorated the dining room ceiling with hundreds of pottery jugs, thus renamed The Olde Jug. The jugs were still there when the pub closed in July 2009. Built in the 17th century it has since acquired a porch and side addition. The licence would probably have been for ale and cider originally. The pub has been serving the village continuously until the summer of 2009 when the liquidators were called in and the pub closed. It was bought in 2012 by Ian Tring who has completely refurbished the building. Inside what was two rooms, the bar and separate dining area, has been returned to it’s original layout of one room. The pub is expected to reopen in 2013 having been closed for almost 4 years. An extension is planned to provide a larger dining area. It was re named “The Bell”







The following are extracts from various records about the names of pub keepers in Hardwick from 1700.

Burial      Elizabeth, wife of Hugh Miller, alehouse keeper buried 28 September 1700

Burial      Hugh Miller alehouse keeper 27 October 1700

Baptism  Henry of Sarah and Thomas Levins, victualler of Hardwick 13 November 1709

Burial      Elizabeth of Thomas Levens victualler Hardwick July 1711

Burial      Sarah wife of Thomas Levens victualler Hardwick 18 March 1714

Burial      Thomas Levens victualler of Hardwick 30 June 1734

Baptism  Sarah of William and Elizabeth Duncombe victualler Hardwick 1735

Burial      Elizabeth Levens widow 28 November 1742

Notes for Inns 1753 – 1828 relating to Hardwick hostelery

1753 – 76                                No Sign                           Robert Howes (or Hawes)

1777 – 79                                No Sign                           John Simmonds

1780                                         His House                     John Simmonds

1781 – 82                                No Sign                          John Simmonds

1783                                         3 Horseshoes               John Simmonds

1784 – 1817                            Three Horseshoes      John Simmonds

1818 – 19                                Three Horseshoes      John Stevens

1820 – 26                                3 Horseshoes              Anne Simmonds

1827                                          Horse Shoe                 Joseph Watkins

1828                                         3 Horseshoes              Joseph Watkins

Hardwick landlords in Kelly’s Directory and census

1841                                          Census                          Thomas Tattorms

1847                                         Kelly Bell                       Nathan Burnham

1851 – 1897                           The Bell Inn                 John How Seamons

In November 1898 John’s widow Anne How Seamons married William Willans Kirtland of London

1899 – 1901                           The Bell                         William Kirtland

1903 – 1912                            The Bell                         Treadgold Brattan

1915 – 1920                             The Bell                        John Grove

1924 – 35                                The Bell                        Ernest C Cook

1939                                         Bell Inn                         George H Baker

Kelly’s Directory was published every 4 years. The date ranges above may pre or post date occupancy.


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