Murder Mystery at John Bridles

Murder Mystery at John Bridles

Saturday 17 November saw professional actors at John Bridles Hall when Hardwick Village Community Association put on a murder mystery evening.

Fifty three people attended and were entertained for three or so hours with the mysterious goings on at Lord Goodbottom’s Birthday Party acted out by Little Chico Productions. 

The idea was for each table to find a solution to the murder while they tucked in to their three – course dinner. The food was great, but not so the detective skills on show. In fact no-one was able to deduce who the murderer was of the five suspects, the prize being awarded to the Hoskinson table who were closest.

It was later revealed that in the six plus years that this company have put on the show, it was the first time no one had been able to find the murderer. Another first for Hardwick !!

Nevertheless, a good night was had by all and £444 was raised, £50 of which has been donated to Children in Need. 

The remainder will go to HVA funds to support the ongoing efforts to maintain and improve the quality of  the facilities at John Bridles Hall, such as the new curtains recently installed.


Murder Mystery at John Bridles

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